Real Account Opening - Trading in FOREX - MUGANFX


The minimum amount required for opening a real account is USD 300 for natural persons and USD 10000 for corporate entities.

The opening of a real account online, via Internet includes the following three stages:

1. Registration
The registration process provides for the entry of a customer’s personal data, the reading and acceptance of the regulating documents necessary for the account opening.

2. Preparation and submission of required documents.
The process provides for the signing of the documents proposed upon your successful registration and their submission to MuganFX by attaching to these documents the notarized copy of your passport (ID card).

3. Opening your current bank account and margin account with Mugan FX, and remittance of funds to the current account.
Upon acceptance of your documents, you will be opened a current account with the Bank and a margin account to enable you to directly work in FOREX market through Mugan FX Trading Station. Your account details will be advised to you by email. Having remitted the intended funds to your current account, you will be able to proceed to your trading transactions.