Platform - Trading in FOREX - MUGANFX


MuganFX Trading Station  established based on MetaTrader 4 platform is designed for  conducting  currency, CFD and precious metal trading transactions in a real time mode and making market analyses in Forex market. Different kinds of trading orders set in the platform enhances the comfortableness and manoeuvring ability of trading.

Download (Windows)

Traders who are more mobile and  frequently change their places due to the specificity of their work wish to know about the recent developments in Forex market  and if necessary to conduct trading transactions. To this effect, MuganFX MobileTrader, a mobile phone platform is available for customers’ use. MuganFX Mobile Trader may be downloaded and used by means of any program-supported mobile phone (smartphone).
The mobile version of our trading station enables you to conduct trading transactions through your account in any point of the world where you have internet access. This also allows you to make all kinds of technical analysis. All transactions conducted are kept confidential and are quite safe. If necessary, a reporting is provided for all transactions.