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Frequently asked questions

Forex is an exchange market formed in early 1970s as a result of the replacement of the currency policy fixed in world trade by a changed currency policy. Henceforth, the principle of agreement between buyer and seller has become to serve as a basis of mutual exchange of separate currencies.
Unlike traditional financial markets, Forex does not require a special trading area as in the sale of stocks and currency futures. Trading transactions in Forex market are made via computer terminals and mobile phone devices. Trading sessions have a time limit in futures and stock markets, while Forex market is open for trading for 24 hours throughout.
No. If it is possible to earn only from rises in prices in share market, it is possible to earn from both rises and drops in prices in Forex market.
Open a trading account and start trading with virtual funds. Try yourselves in prize contests.
You may use the rich library provided in our website. You may also sign up for trainings by visiting and registering in Training section.
MuganFX arranges traders’ prize contests on a regular basis. For detailed information, please see section “Contest” in our website
You can send an email to , where you should mandatorily specify your “Meta Trader” login, or contact us through online chat.
Except for Saturday and Sunday you may incessantly make trading transactions for the rest 5 days a week.
No restriction to the number of transactions.
No fees charged by "Mugan FX" for the remittance.
The funds received in national currency or any currency other than US dollars will be converted into deposit currency (US dollars) at MuganFX rates for that day and transferred into your balance.